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Bugs & TODO


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Bugs and TODO


  • None currently listed.

Fixed Bugs

  • Grsecurity on Mandrake 9.1 kills the error logging process on server startup. Access logs are not affected, and a later manual restart of Apache launches both error and access logging without problems.

    Solution: This was caused by the server starting Apache (and hence LogToMysql) before MySQL. Grsecurity killed the error logging process because it was trying to access MySQL using a socket which hadn't yet been created. To avoid this, check the order in which Apache and MySQL are started, for example by looking at the numbered links in directories below /etc/rc.d/


  • Add support for logging virtual host information in access logs - currently only the standard "common" or "combined" log format is supported
  • Add identification of the machine from which error messages are logged. Currently the machine is not identified in the case of multiple computers logging to a single database.